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Industrial Troubleshooting Tips

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Color Issues

Dry Spray

Drying/Curing Issues

Sheen Issues

Solvents to Reduce & Clean Up Coating


The coating appears to be the wrong color in the pail.

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Pigment settles over time and gives the appearance of being the wrong color.

SOLUTION: Stir/mix the coating properly. Refer to the product’s technical data sheet for mixing instructions.


A dry spray finish is characterized as a rough (almost sandpaper-like), non-smooth texture.

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Dry spray commonly occurs as a result of fluid pressure being too low or atomizing air pressure being too high on a sprayer, the spray gun being too far from the part, dry overspray from adjacent surfaces, or the spray gun speed being too fast.

Fluid Pressure Too Low

A fluid delivery that is too low for the atomization air supplied will be over-atomized. This is common for heavier materials used in suction and gravity feed guns. The coating may need to be thinned. Consult the technical data sheet.

Atomizing Air Pressure Too High

Air pressure that is too high for the volume of the coating being supplied will create paint droplets so small that much of the solvent easily evaporates. The coating does not flow with the lower solvent content. In addition, the increased air pressure causes additional bounce back, which adds to the problem. Use the minimum air pressure required to achieve the atomization required.

Dry Overspray from Adjacent Surfaces

Use a technique that does not allow overspray from the part being sprayed (or adjacent parts) to land on what has already been finished.

Gun Speed Too Fast

Operating a gun at a high speed typically results in a film build that is too thick, which doesn’t allow the coating to flow. Typical hand speed for air atomized guns is about 3 feet per second.

Gun Too Far from the Part

If the spray gun is held too far from the part, the solvent has increased the time to evaporate. Use these recommended distances.

HVLP: 6-8 inches

Air Spray: 8-10 inches

A/A Airless: 10-12 inches

Airless: 12-14 inches

SOLUTION: Refer to items listed above. Allow the coating to dry, sand smooth, and re-coat.