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The roots of this successful organization began with the founder and current CEO of the company Mr. Joe Cox. Joe started HIS Paint Manufacturing Company in April of 1972. For more than 40 years, HIS Paint Company has been manufacturing paints and coatings in their Oklahoma City factories. Today HIS Paint ships coatings nationwide and internationally. Joe began his career in the paint & coatings industry in 1960 with Capitol Paint Manufacturing in Oklahoma City. After a short time away from the coatings industry he returned to what he knew best and worked for two other paint & coatings manufacturers from 1964 to 1972. In the process he eventually was promoted to Production Vice President for Gemini Lacquers in El Reno Oklahoma before leaving the company in the early part of 1972. In the midst of this season of life Joe would face some of his hardest and most personal struggles, including an addiction to alcohol. It was during these hardships and struggles that a close friend shared the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. In humility and brokenness Joe prayed and trusted Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness of his sins From the time of his salvation, Joe’s life was instantly and radically changed; even more so as he began to trust and depend on God each day for guidance. While still unemployed, Joe was encouraged by his very good friend, Mr. Harry Currie, to begin manufacturing and selling his own line of paint. With Mr. Currie’s financial help and counsel, Joe and his wife Dorothy started HIS Paint. From the very beginning, Joe dedicated HIS Paint to the Lord and named it for Him. Thus, the name HIS Paint – means that this is “His” (the Lord’s company). The name alone has opened many doors for Joe to share his story about the life changing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. The business began primarily servicing the multi-family housing and property management industry as well as professional paint contractors. In the mid 1980’s, a recession in the local economy led to exploration into developing new markets. As a result, a niche for custom industrial and specialty coatings was identified; this was the genesis of the Industrial Coatings Group.



HIS Paint saw continued growth in both the architectural and industrial divisions. This led to the acquisition of our current facilities at 1801 W. Reno where our latex manufacturing facility and our corporate offices are located. Our facility at 1700 W. Sheridan is the location of our alkyd manufacturing plant. This warehouse has been remodeled and expanded several times, most recently in 2016, to account for the growth we have experienced within our Industrial Coatings Group. The Sheridan facility currently houses all our Industrial manufacturing as well as a state of the art R & D technical coatings laboratory. We currently operate out of two modern manufacturing facilities to better serve our increasingly diverse client base. Today, HIS Paint is a full-line manufacturer of both high quality paints and coatings for all aspects of the architectural and industrial markets. Our products are distributed at a local, national and global scale to better serve our wide range of clients and industries. From the very beginning, HIS Paint has been a family owned and operated company. Joe’s younger brother, Johnny Cox, began working at HIS Paint in 1975 and all three of Joe’s sons have made their careers at HIS Paint as well. J. Kent Cox is the current CFO and President of Operations and has been with HIS Paint since 1975. Kirk Cox is the President Professional Coatings Group and began with the company in 1986. Tony Cox is the President Industrial Coatings Group and joined HIS in 1987. We are now into the third generation of Cox family members as several of Joe’s grandchildren are working at HIS in various capacities. At HIS Paint our mission is to provide quality products with outstanding customer service to meet the varying needs of the coatings industry. It has been through God’s blessing and the dedicated employees that our company has been successful. We thank our many customers who have made over 40 years of successful business possible.



HIS PAINT MANUFACTURING COMPANY desires to be known for its integrity as we…

  • Provide a line of quality products designed to meet the specific needs of consumers
  • Provide our clients with prompt and courteous service
  • Provide our employees with a positive work environment that promotes fairness, character development, and job skills, all enhanced through a ministry of meeting genuine needs
  • Provide a public testimony to the faithfulness of God.


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