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The Right Supplies You Need to Paint a Room

As with any project you start, you know how having the right materials and tools can help you get the job done. With everything close at hand, it can help ease any frustration and can actually help you finish quicker.

For painting, it’s no different. At H-I-S Paint, you can find all the supplies you need to get you going from start to finish. The following can help you make your list to get your painting project started.

Paint Supplies for Your Home

Here you can find a checklist of prep and paint supplies that can help you cut down on time and get the results you want. Take your time and collect your tools-you’ll be glad you did!

Prepping Materials

Before you paint, you may need to patch some holes, clean away fingerprints, or other debris, or sand an area. While you may want to start painting right away, taking care of these issues beforehand can help create a more professional look and one you can take pride in.

Materials for prepping include:

  • Painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Spackle
  • Spatula
  • Metal paint scraper
  • Mild cleaning solution

Painter’s Tape

Unless you have an artist hand, it’s a good idea to cover outlets, hardware, and wall to ceiling borders with painter’s tape. This can prevent paint from bleeding into unwanted areas. H-I-S Paint Store supplies a variety of tape that can keep paint out and protect even the most delicate of surfaces.


If an area of the surface has rough or uneven texture, you can use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth the surface area or try a sanding sponge by 3M for comfort and flexibility.

Spackle and Spatula

Spackle can fill and repair small holes or cracks. It can come in a paste or powder and effectively fills damaged areas before painting. Use the spatula to apply Spackle evenly over the hole or crack.

Metal Paint Scraper

Sometimes you may find some old, cracked paint that needs removing. The metal paint scraper can remove old paint. You may need to sand the area afterwards. We highly recommend a stiff scraper by Hyde for extra durability.

Mild Cleaning Solution

You can use a store-bought solution or make your own with soap and water. Use this to remove any dirt or grime from the walls.

Painting Materials

And here is where the fun begins. You may already have some of these items at home and can also find these items at H-I-S Paint Online Store or in-store.

Materials for Painting include:

  • Tarp or drop cloth
  • Paint roller frame and rollers
  • Paint tray
  • Angled paint brush
  • Flat paint brush

Tarp or Drop Cloth

Tarp or drop cloth can help protect flooring and any furniture that you cannot remove from the room.
Choose from our washable and reusable traditional canvas or Butyl rubber backed runner.

Paint roller frame and roller cover

Roller frames and covers can help make your job much easier. For those hard to reach areas, you can purchase an extender that easily attaches to the roller. When choosing the roller, consider the wall surface texture. You can choose from foam, polyester, or lambs wool, such as Wooster Wool. Thicker, natural fibers work best on textured surfaces, while synthetic or foam can be ideal for smoother textures.

Paint Tray

A tray can provide better portability than moving the paint can from one place to another. You can also avoid getting dirt or other debris inside the can. Take your pick between plastic or metal trays by GAM. You can also consider a paint tray liner that protects your tray and allows for easy cleanup.

Angled Paint Brush

For corners, you can get a clean swipe with an angled brush. This type of brush also works well when painting trim or baseboards, and you can find an assortment of sizes in-store or online.

Flat Paint Brush

Used for “cutting in”, a flat paint brush can fill in those areas where the roller missed or couldn’t fill. Because of its flat shape, the bristles can hold more paint and cover a larger surface area. We proudly carry and recommend Wooster and GAM brushes for their superior smooth finish.

Helpful Extras

The little things can make a big different. Some helpful extras you may find useful include wire brushes for clearing away dust or debris, caulking for trim and baseboards, and full-coverage protective goggles or eyewear.

Shop the Supply Collection at H-I-S Paint Store

Visit our storefront in Oklahoma City or shop our online store. Whether a beginner or professional, we supply all the supplies and tools you need to achieve the best results. Need recommendations for your upcoming project? Get in touch. The knowledgeable team at H-I-S Paint Store can help you choose the right supplies and paint for your space.