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Every homeowner tries to make their home resonate with their personality. Picking the right paint color is the basic step and will help you create an inviting space. The best online paint store will have an exclusive range of products to ensure that you can give your residence an enchanting look without much hassle. HIS Paint is here to offer you the following types of products:



Durability should be your prime factor when purchasing interior or exterior paint. Our online paint stores has various interior and exterior paints with a 100% acrylic finish. Our exclusive range of paints is easy to apply and can be cleaned using soap and water. You also find our paints with different finishes, from satin to matte or flat.




Specialty coatings include adhesively tailor-made to offer additional performance beyond primer or topcoat. Customization is the key point of difference between specialty coating and regular paint. For instance, you will find specialty coating to improve the durability of your roof. You will also come across specialty coating catering to different types of surfaces, including concrete floors, pavements, and more. Some specialty coatings at online paint stores include additives for delivering high performance as well as an improved look.



Apart from a paint can, you need numerous other products to complete painting your home. While purchasing house paint supplies, you should know that you primarily need two types of materials:
Prepping material: You will need certain materials to ensure that your wall or other surface is completely ready for the first coat of paint. For instance, you will need sandpaper to even out cracks. You will use spackle to fill out holes in the walls and a spatula to apply the spackle evenly. Moreover, you will need painter’s tape to cover nooks and corners so that they don’t get an unnecessary splash of color on them.
Painting material: Every paint store offers an array of equipment that you will need to apply the paint on the walls. For instance, you will need a roller and brushes. You can get a flat brush for wide coverage and an angled brush for reaching trims and corners. You should also get a drop cloth while buying paint supplies online to cover the floor and other objects inside your room.

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We have been extending our services for the last four decades to meet the painting needs of homeowners. From high-quality paint to products aiding your paint project, you will find it all at our store. While we started out in Oklahoma City factories, our products are now shipped all over the nation as well as internationally.
Our high-end range of paint products ensures that you don’t need to look anywhere else while shopping for a paint project. We offer an exclusive range of both exterior and interior house paint online. Check out our catalog and shop from us today!