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Exterior Paint for Residential Projects

A fresh coat of paint is a great way for homeowners to update the exterior appearance of a home. Whether a pop of color on the door, refreshed trim or siding, or an all over job, paint can add curb appeal to your home.

When undertaking your exterior paint project, it’s important to choose a brand that provides long lasting coverage for your home. Climate and extreme weather events can affect your home’s exterior paint and possibly put a delay in your painting plans. When choosing the right paint for your home, you need a paint that can hold up to Mother Nature, keep its color for a long time, and withstand temperature during and after application.

H-I-S Paint is a durable solution for your exterior paint project. And with three finishes to choose from, you can match your needs with the right paint solution. Formulated with the highest quality pigment, binder, and additives, H-I-S family of products exceeds expectations for residential projects.

Here, you can learn more about the different professional exterior paints for residential homeowners to help you decide the best option for your project. Each is high performing with outstanding durability for the home, and includes Majesty, Country Classic, and Reveal.

Majesty Signature Exterior Paint for Home

Part of H-I-S Paint signature series, Majesty flat or satin gloss paint features the finest acrylic finish for exterior surfaces.
This 100% acrylic paint finish supplies homeowners with excellent protection and long-term durability.

Majesty comes with a Lifetime Warranty and provides many benefits for residential customers, and those who live in cooler climates can enjoy its 35-degree low temp application feature. More flexible and thicker than other brands, its advance high hide + primer technology makes it easy to cover surface areas in one swoop and can conceal hard to cover colors better than many other exterior paint coatings. Other features include low odor, premier stain blocking, blister and peel resistance, and ease of application and cleanup. Choose from a mix of colors and gloss.

Country Classic Exterior Paint for Extreme Weather

Don’t let the name fool you… Country Classic is specially formulated, provides outstanding performance, and can withstand the beating of severe weather conditions.
Built to resist extreme climate conditions, this premium series satin, flat, or semi-gloss finish exterior paint can adhere to metal, wood, and light chalk surfaces, and offer outstanding color retention and surface protection.

And like Majesty, low VOC and low odor Country Classic is easy to apply and cleans up with soap and water. Each gallon covers 250 to 400 square feet per gallon and can provide a more economical alternative to Majesty.

Reveal Exterior Paint for Maximum Surface Protection

Discover extraordinary performance and durability with the professional series Reveal. Built to last through the most extreme weather, Reveal provides homes with exceptional UV, fade, and chalk resistance. This easy to apply exterior flat or satin finish paint, provides exceptional hide and can adhere to multiple surface areas, such as metal, wood, and masonry.

For homes that need the greatest amount of protection against elements and weather, Reveal can give your home long lasting exterior finish that performs. With remarkable flow and leveling features, you can quickly give the face of your home a new look.

Why Choose H-I-S Paint Company

For over 4 decades, family operated H-I-S Paint manufactures high quality house paint and coatings for a wide number of commercial industries and residential projects.
With a reputation for excellence, H-I-S Paint Company provides unsurpassed service and products to meet demands of today’s paint and coating needs.

H-I-S Paint specializes in a variety of industries, including industrial, professional, energy, and aerospace. As your leading provider of coating solutions, we provide time tested and environmentally and regulatory compliant formulations that can suit your application.

Unsure which exterior paint is best for your home? Visit our retail locations in Oklahoma City or reach out online or call. H-I-S paint professionals can help you choose the best application for your exterior needs. Shop online for color combinations. For added assurance, request a paint chip or sample card for your color selection.

Ready to Get Started on Your Painting Project?

View our product line and bring any questions or concerns about your upcoming project to our team. We also carry a full line of supplies such as drop cloths and respirator and eye protection that can help make your project run smoothly.

As a prime choice for architects, interior designers, and professional paint contractors, homeowners can renew the exterior of their home confidently with H-I-S Paint products.

Developed and manufactured in Oklahoma City since 1972, OK, H-I-S Paint products can fit the bill for your small or large project. And with unparalleled customer service, you can depend on professional paint representatives each step of the way.