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Revere Interior Paint

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Category Interior Paint
Type Professional Coatings
Color Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Orange, Purple, Yellow, White
Durability Long lasting
Weather Resistant Yes
Formula Acrylic
Hide Superior
Finish Flat, Semi gloss, Satin
Included Components 1
Application Interior walls and plain surfaces
Odor Low
Coverage 250 to 400 sq. ft.
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Flat Flat
  • Semi Gloss Semi Gloss
  • Satin Satin
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Revere Interior Paint from HIS Paint Store

Revere belongs to the professional series of interior acrylic finish paint from HIS Paint. This high-quality paint has been exquisitely designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and prevent molds and mildew. The Revere interior is also capable of providing maximum interior surface protection.

This interior acrylic paint can be applied seamlessly on various solid surfaces, including wood, metal, and masonry. Any surface coated with Revere Interior will not only look brand new but also produce a smooth surface. This high-quality paint is relatively easy to apply because of its exceptional flow and leveling characteristics.

Once you have applied Revere Interior on your walls, you can be free from any worries regarding stains and scratches. Whenever there are harsh stains on your walls, you can easily clean them with soap and water. And when it comes to scratches, this interior paint from HIS Paint resists them all.

This eco-friendly paint conforms to strict international environmental and safety standards. Also, the paint has an extremely low odor, and there is an absence of any harmful chemicals.


  • 100% acrylic paint belongs to the professional series
  • Offers maximum interior surface protection
  • High-quality paint is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, scratches, and tough stains
  • Comes with remarkable color resistance properties
  • Highly durable paint with a long-lasting feature
  • Does not become chalky or peels off quite easily
  • Fade-resistant
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Has low VOC of fewer than 100 grams/ liter
  • Ideal for interior walls, doors, trims, and more
  • Low odor paint
  • Looks and feels smooth after curing
  • Available in nine distinctive shades
  • Available in semi-gloss, flat, and satin finish
  • Offers superior hide
  • Superior performance
  • Can be applied effortlessly
  • Available in SFW20 White and Pastel Base
  • It can be easily cleaned up with soap and water
  • Sleek and smooth finish

Why Choose Revere Interior from HIS Paint Store

Compared to all other interior paints available in the market, Revere Interior from HIS Paint has the best features. It has been designed to prevent fungal growth on your walls. Besides, it provides a unique antibacterial shield that seamlessly kills 99% of the microorganisms.

While the paint radiates a remarkably higher sheen, it gives a luxurious and smooth finish. Thus, the interior paint produces an excellent shine on the smooth surfaces of your wall.

Revere Interior from HIS Paint pledges to make the interiors of your home look pleasant and gorgeous. This easy-to-apply and highly durable paint can perfectly protect your walls and prevent molds and mildews from growing. Once the paint has dried after the complete application process, it looks very soft and shiny.

The paint has an extremely low VOC, so it deliberately increases its durability. Purchase Revere Interior today and give the walls of your home a refreshing and new look.

2 reviews for Revere Interior Paint

  1. Dave G

    Great quality. Ordered this recently. The finish is sleek.

  2. Asher Thompson

    The immense contribution of HIS Paint in transforming my sweet home into a dream house can’t be framed into quite a few words. Revere Interior- an excellent interior acrylic finish paint has boosted my premise with its sleek finish. Its superior hide, performance, and durability are breathtaking!
    With HIS Paint, improving the aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank is highly possible now. They offer pretty colors such as red, blue, brown, green, gray, orange, violet, and yellow. On top of it, they offer different glosses, such as flat, semi-gloss, and satin. Brownie points to its effortless application.

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