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Majesty Exterior Wall Paints

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Our Finest Exterior Acrylic Finish, MAJESTY, is also our ”signature” series Exterior 100% Pure Acrylic Finish. MAJESTY is Blister, Peel, and Color Fade Resistant. MAJESTY is thicker and more flexible than traditional Exterior Acrylic Coatings.

• Coverage:  250 to 400 square feet per gallon

Actual colors may vary from on-screen representation. Confirm color choices with a physical color chip or painted sample.
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Primer Primer
  • Flat Flat
  • Satin Satin
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Majesty Exterior – Product Specifications

The exterior acrylic finish paint – MAJESTY, from HIS Paint is a part of their signature series. This exterior Paint comes with a 100% Pure Acrylic Finish and is Peel, Blister, and Color Fade resistant. You should note that MAJESTY is quite thicker and immensely flexible than most other traditional Exterior Acrylic Coatings.

These acrylic exterior wall paints are highly suitable for moderately humid climatic conditions. HIS Paint’s weather guard properties efficiently resist cracking, chalking, and weathering, unlike cement paints and distempers. This exterior Paint will help you get a plastic paint-like finish that typically lasts longer than distemper.

On the other hand, HIS Paint provides a performance warranty for the wall coating paint for Exterior walls. This two years warranty has been granted against film integrity, shade fidelity, and also complete protection against flaking. The exterior Paint is broadly available in more than ten shades and is truly affordable for your property’s walls.

This exterior emulsion also provides remarkable silk furnish to your exterior, enhancing curb appeal. The anti-algae and antifungal properties of the Paint also help in protecting your walls from any kinds of algae or fungus. It is no doubt excellent, especially in terms of both weather and dirt resistance.

On the other hand, MAJESTY from HIS Paint provides fascinating protection from sunlight, thereby delivering a remarkable sheen. It provides coverage that typically ranges from 250 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon. The exterior Paint can be applied seamlessly either with a roller or brush.


  • 100% acrylic
  • Color fade-resistant
  • Prevents peeling and blisters
  • Thick coatings
  • Primer, flat, or satin gloss
  • Available in 9 shades
  • Weather and dirt resistant
Color Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Yellow, White
Gloss Primer, Flat, Satin
Size Pack of 1
Paint Type Acrylic
Specific Uses  Exterior
Ideal Surface Concrete
Package Material Tin
Coverage 250 to 400 sq ft
Odor Low
Weather-resistant Yes
Waterproof Yes


This exterior acrylic finish paint is super resistant to dirt and fading, which typically makes it a longer-lasting color. This gorgeous sheen efficiently helps in minimizing any minor surface imperfection, only to bring out the best in your exterior walls.

If you wish to have a classic, cultivated look on the exterior walls of your home, then you must choose Majesty Exterior from HIS Paints. Before you can apply exterior acrylic finish paint – MAJESTY from HIS, you must prepare the surface very well. Only then will it help you get the best exteriors which will automatically enhance your residence’s curb appeal.

Make sure that the exterior surfaces are sound, dry, clean, and free from any poorly adhered or defective material. If there is any wax, grease, or grime on the walls, then these must be scraped and rubbed down thoroughly. Make sure you do this with suitable and appropriate abrasive paper and immediately dust it off.

If you locate any area that is affected by mold, algae, or fungi, please ensure the correct treatment of the specific areas. A coat of appropriate Primer can be applied when the surfaces are still powdery after thorough preparation.

2 reviews for Majesty Exterior Wall Paints

  1. John J. Cantrell

    Majesty Exterior from HIS Paints is probably the best exterior acrylic finish paint I’ve ever found. I love the 100% Pure Acrylic Finish of the HIS Paint signature paint. It gives the outside of my home a classy look.
    All my guests feel in love with the acrylic exterior wall paints. I am very impressed with the fact that Majesty has both Low VOC and Low Odor only because of its advanced coatings technology.
    The best part about this exterior paint is that it could be applied at a low temperature of 35°F. It is undoubtedly the best wall coating paint for Exterior walls.

  2. John Mark

    I wanted to buy online exterior paint to make the outside of my home as beautiful as the inside. The exterior acrylic coating products from HIS Paints were an ideal choice. I used the exterior wall paint colors to refresh the siding and trim on the outside walls of my home.
    HIS Paints is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of exterior paint in the market. Luckily, I was renovating my home while there was an exterior paint sale on the HIS Paint website. Even though they have an affordable price range, I could buy my exterior paint at a more reduced price during the sale. Thank you, HIS Paint.

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