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Butyl Drop Cloth

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4’ x 15’
• Professional grade runner
• Butyl rubber backing
• Superior protection against paint
• Leak resistant
• Washable & reusable

  • 12"×15" 12"×15"
  • 4"×15" 4"×15"
  • 9"×12" 9"×12"
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Butyl Drop Cloth from HIS Paint Store

If you have ever been associated with painting, you’ll know how easily paint can end up splattering, irrespective of your carefulness. In fact, the most seasoned painters can also not avoid paint splatter completely. It’s nothing, but that’s exactly how working with paint is.

So, as a keen painter, it’s important to Buy Butyl Drop Cloth Online before you can commence your painting project. This highly durable canvas cloth will help cover your floor and other furnishings in your room. Once you have covered your floor and other immovable items with the drop cloths, you can bring in other art supplies.

The drop Cloth from HIS Paint is a leak-resistant, slip-resistant, and high-quality covering canvas. This heavy material prevents any kind of slippage and can be draped easily. In comparison to the traditional 10 Oz canvas drop cloth, this canvas drop cloth from HIS Paint is way better.

The heavyweight drop cloth is thus capable of reducing any mess, thereby reducing the cleanup time. This covering material assures to outperform the 8Oz, 10Oz, and 12Oz canvas drop cloths.


  • Remarkable absorbent feature combined with a leak-resistant plastic backing
  • Prevents paint from seeping through and tracking
  • The canvas drop cloth is extremely thick and has an absorbent value of 7 oz
  • Long-lasting or highly durable and reusable
  • It can be easily draped around every furnishing
  • The most durable drop cloth comes with a poly backing which technically prevents slippage
  • It can withstand heavy weight and doesn’t tear easily
  • It comes with a Stay Put technology and is professional grade and slip resistant
  • Solid color on both sides
  • A professional-grade and heavy-duty butyl drop cloth
  • Leak resistant
  • Washable and reusable
  • Complete protection against any kind of paint

Why Choose Butyl Drop Cloth from HIS Paint

The Butyl Leak Proof Canvas Drop Cloth from HIS Paint is guaranteed to outperform an otherwise traditional canvas drop cloth. Our canvas drop cloth has been efficiently designed with an absorbent canvas top. These highly-functional coverings also come with a poly backing that deliberately reduces slippage.

The most amazing thing that you’ll enjoy regarding our Butyl drop cloth is that no stain will seep through. This is primarily because the canvas is remarkably leak-resistant, absorbent, and dustproof. Thus, you can seamlessly drape it well over your furniture and flooring.

So, cleaning up after every painting project will no longer be a hassle when you have drop cloth at your disposal.

Category Paint Supplies
Type Coverings
Color White
Durability Long-lasting
Manufacturer HIS Paint
Country of Origin US
Product Dimensions 4” x 15”, 12” x 15”, 9” x 12”
Resistance Heavy Duty
Butyl Backing Yes
Absorbent Canvas Top Yes
Leak Resistant Yes
Reusable Yes
Slip Resistant Yes
Washable Yes


HIS Paint’s Butyl Drop Cloth features a protective backing that efficiently helps in preventing messy clean-ups. So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning for a new painting or wallpapering project, get a canvas drop cloth from HIS Paint now. Log on to our website to purchase the best Drop Cloth at the Best Price!

1 review for Butyl Drop Cloth

  1. Jemmy miarry

    My decision to purchase a heavyweight drop cloth from HIS Paint is so on point! Thanks to these amazing products, protecting my home surface from splatters and paint drips was easier than ever before. Unclean and unorganized spaces often make me prone to developing OCD. This is where the Butyl Leak Proof Canvas Drop Cloth has evolved as my ultimate savior.
    I have used the most durable drop cloth from HIS Paint during my pre-painting preparation work. Even a seasoned painter fails to avoid paint splatter. But with these drop cloths at best price, the overall process is a lot simpler now. What are you waiting for? Buy Butyl Drop Cloth online from HIS Paint with your eyes closed.

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