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Elastomeric Roof Coating – White

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An elastomeric acrylic, pigmented, high solids coating designed to prolong the life of existing roof structures and protect against water penetration. Besides creating a vapor barrier, this heavy bodied elastomeric system provides excellent flexibility, durability, and long-term protection against water pooling and extreme temperature. The white finish reflects heat created from the sun and reduces both building structure temperature and interior cooling expenses. This coating contains waterborne emulsions of inert pigments in an acrylic binder. Contents are non-flammable and emit no hazardous vapors. Available in White.

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The elastomeric roof coating white acts as an added layer of protection for your roof. It can stop leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your roof. The product can also make your roof more durable when applied properly.

The pigmented acrylic coating is a liquid that transforms into an elastic membrane after becoming dry. Due to its elastic-quality, it can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and weather conditions. The product is non-flammable and does not emit any toxic vapors.

Where Can You Apply: 

You can apply an elastic roof coating to the following roofing materials:

  • Metal
  • Asphalt
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • PVC
  • Old EPDM or TPO membranes
  • APP or SBS cap sheet
  • Sprayed polyurethane foam
  • Exterior-grade plywood

You can also apply elastomeric roof coating on an existing layer of elastic coating.

Color White
Finish Type Smooth
Size Pack of 1
Paint Type Acrylic
Specific Uses  Interior
Ideal Surface Concrete, metal, asphalt, fiberglass, PVC, and more
Package Material Tin
Coverage 300 to 400 sq ft
Odor Low
Weather-resistant Yes
Waterproof Yes

Features of Elastomeric Roof Coating

  • Added weather and water protection: The best elastomeric roof coating acts as a strong shield against rain and snow. Even if your roof is vulnerable to strong winds, this added layer of protection will come to your rescue.
  • Energy efficiency: Elastomeric roof coating can create a vapor barrier. The white color helps reflect heat from the sun. It helps with reducing cooling expenses inside your home. The elastomeric roof coating can also offer UV protection.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining an elastomeric roof coating is not at all difficult. If you think the coating has become less effective, you can always apply another layer on top of the existing one.
  • Increases the lifetime of your roof: An elastomeric roof coating white can increase the lifetime of your roof by 10 to 20 years when applied correctly.
  • Retains color for a long time: The white roof coating has a high durability. You won’t have to think about coating your roof anytime soon after doing it once.
  • Fast drying: The acrylic roof coating can dry up pretty fast. Moreover, it also comes with minimal odor. Therefore, you will have nothing to complain about even if you can’t tolerate the smell of fresh paint. After drying, it looks smooth and blocks open pores.
  • High resistance: The roof coating offers resistance against chalking, peeling, blistering, and flaking. It can also resist microorganisms and solvents.

At HIS Paint, you will find elastomeric roof coatings to weatherproof your new roof. You can also add our elastomeric roof coating white on older roofs to prevent leakage. Our elastomeric roof coating can improve the integrity of your roof and extend its life.

Before applying our acrylic roof sealer, you need to remove all dirt and dust from the roof using a broom or brush. You must repair the roof before applying an elastomeric coating.

To ensure proper application, you must mix all the products and keep them away from direct sunlight. You can start applying the coat evenly using spray equipment.

Remember to adhere to and follow all the correct instructions for surface preparation to make your swimming pool ready to be painted. The key functionality of a swimming pool finish is to give way to a water-tight coating with minimum permeability. At least two coats of the pool Paint must be applied to deliver sufficient coverage along with maximum performance.

While applying the swimming pool Paint from HIS Paint, make sure that the first coat of the Paint is thinned with mineral spirits. This will help in penetrating and filling any surface void, thereby providing a strong adhesion to the entire paint film.

Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours before applying another coat. And once the second coat has dried up, you need to wait for a week to fill the pool with water.

Note: The item comes with a $35 hazardous material handling fee from FedEx.

1 review for Elastomeric Roof Coating – White

  1. Nadine G. Storey

    I was looking for an ideal solution to prolong the lifetime of my existing roof structures. The elastomeric roof coating white from HIS Paints with its high solids pigmented coating is a true blessing. This elastic roof coating could also solve the issue of water penetration in my home.
    The acrylic roof sealer has helped reduce my energy bills. Since it can reflect the heat of the sun, I don’t need to keep my AC on for long hours. It is undoubtedly the best elastomeric roof coating in the market. I recommend everyone to get it for reducing your interior cooling expenses.

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