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Wooster White Majestic Angle Sash Paint Brush


• White China bristle, chisel construction
• Soft formulation, velvet feel
• Stainless steel ferrule
• Sealed wood handle

  • 2 1/2" 2 1/2"
  • 2" 2"
  • 3" 3"
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The Wooster White Majestic Angle Sash Paint Brush is a top-quality tool that is perfect for achieving precise, professional results on any project. Made in the USA, this brush is made with white Chinese bristles, which are known for their ability to hold and release paint evenly for a smooth, even finish.

The brush also features a sturdy, seamless aluminum ferrule, which helps to ensure that the bristles stay in place and the brush maintains its shape over time. The handle is made from comfortable wooden, providing a secure and comfortable grip as you work.

The angle sash design of this brush allows for easy application and control, making it perfect for trim, corners, and other detailed areas. It is suitable for use with a variety of paints and finishes, making it a versatile choice for any project.

With its fast shipping and high-quality construction, the Wooster White Majestic Angle Sash Paint Brush is an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve professional results on their painting projects.


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