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Anti-Graffiti Coating Kit

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A non-sacrificial, two-component, clear, acrylic urethane anti-graffiti coating system designed for the ultimate protection against graffiti, harsh chemicals, solvents, chalking, and severe environmental elements. 70C01 is the ultimate coating in color and gloss retention and is extremely tough and abrasion and chemical resistant. Will enhance the appearance and extend the life of a variety of surfaces that can be easily maintained.

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Protect Your Property With The Best Anti-Graffiti Coating Kit From Our House

Someone can draw graffiti on private or public premises at any moment. Graffiti cleanup can be difficult and costly when a surface is left unprotected and uncovered. Anti-graffiti coatings are used to keep graffiti from sticking to the surface beneath them and are a crucial part of safeguarding property from destruction.

Nevertheless, several materials are designed expressly to shield various metal, stone, and wooden surfaces from graffiti so that they may be cleaned off quickly and affordably. One such great anti-graffiti coating kit is the Master Thane 70C01 Anti-Graffiti Coating Kit from our house.

About Master Thane 70C01 Anti-Graffiti Coating Kit

Our affordable anti-graffiti coating kit is a two-component, non-sacrificial acrylic urethane coating system that is explicitly designed for people who desire the ultimate protection against graffiti, chalking, solvents, harsh chemicals, and other environmental components.

The best coating for color and gloss retention, as well as abrasion and chemical resistance, is our anti-graffiti solution. It will improve the look and prolong the life of a multitude of easily maintainable surfaces.

Why You Need To Buy Anti-Graffiti Coating Kit

Luckily, anti-graffiti coatings currently make it simple to shield billboards and structures from offenders’ graffiti. Graffiti cleanup can often be as easy as wiping dust off a glass, thanks to anti-graffiti coating solutions.

However, you must choose the right coating material for the right application; this is where experience matters. But with our product, you won’t have to worry much about this factor. Using an anti-graffiti coating to safeguard your property has many advantages.

These consist of the following:

  • Minimizing the graffiti removal cost 
  • Accelerating the graffiti removal procedure on your asset or building
  • Lowering the risk of deep or heavy graffiti paint staining
  • Giving you the peace and relaxation of mind you deserve
  • Safeguarding your building’s appearance from graffiti vandals. 

How Do Anti-Graffiti Coatings Work?

Anti-graffiti coatings create a protective layer on the exterior of a material to stop graffiti from penetrating the structure’s exterior composition. Additionally, this barrier might offer defense against dust and smog.

The transparent, long-lasting finish covers any surface to make cleaning simple, and its enduring pleasant aesthetics persist for over a decade. All indoor or outdoor surfaces are excellent for simple anti-graffiti coating, which conforms with all building codes. Therefore, His Paint Store is the simple-to-clean, long-lasting solution to your wall problems.

While several specialized cleaning products are available for treating and eliminating graffiti from various surfaces, it is strongly advised to employ an anti-graffiti coating to safeguard your asset against graffiti vandalism.

Get The Best Anti-Graffiti Coating Kit From Us & Protect Your Property Today! 

Apply the most recent, powerful, and high gloss hydrophobicity anti-scratch coating to shield your premises and signboards from costly and ugly graffiti.

Graffiti vandalism is currently on the rise, and it’s more likely than ever that your priceless building will be completely sprayed with graffiti rather than merely tagged with a few words.

So, protect your priceless possession with our best-in-class anti-graffiti coating solution today. 

1 review for Anti-Graffiti Coating Kit

  1. Liam Thomas

    A few months ago, I saw that someone had drawn graffiti (an offensive one) on my neighbor’s property. That’s when it struck me that Graffiti vandalism is on the rise, and we must safeguard their buildings or signboards. To protect my property from graffiti vandals, I bought the anti-graffiti coating kit from the brand HIS Paint Store. The affordable anti-graffiti coating kit only cost me $80-$90 for the safety and peace of mind I desired. I put it across the areas on my property that vandals are most likely to target. This amazing product offers the ultimate protection against graffiti, chalking, and any chemical exposure. Isn’t that great?

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