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Field Marking Paint White

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A waterborne acrylic paint designed for athletic field marking and formulated as a high hiding, durable, dew and fog resistant coating. When used properly, it’s harmless to grass and athletes. This paint may be used on all types of athletic fields and sporting areas including football fields, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and running tracks. Available in White.

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White Field Marking Paint from HIS Paint Store

Looking for a unique paint that comes with the perfect amalgamation of durability, style, and texture? The white field marking paint from our store is the perfect product as it has been manufactured using a water-based formula. The waterborne acrylic paint can be smoothly applied on grass. By mixing dry pigments, the field marker paint is given a high hiding characteristic.

You can consider it the best field marking paint due to its high durability. The marking paint is equipped with weather-resistant properties. Every coat of our white marking paint is resistant to fog and dew.

The paint gives a matte finish on grass fields. You can apply our marking paint on all athletic fields and sporting areas. For instance, you can apply it on your soccer fields, running tracks, football fields, and baseball diamonds.

The field marking paint falls under our range of specialty coatings. Our paint has been manufactured keeping in mind all safety standards. We ensure that the marker paint is safe for the grass as well as the athletes.

You will come across the most affordable white field marking paint price at HIS Paint. A major advantage of our water-based marking paint is that it comes with a low odor. If any athlete or player can’t tolerate the strong smell of paint, our white field market will come to their rescue.


  • High hiding
  • Long-term durability
  • Fog and dew resistant€
  • Waterborne acrylic paint
  • White color
  • Matte finish
  • Precise painting
  • Dries fast
  • Odor-free
  • Safe for the grass as well as the athletes

Why Choose White Field Marking Paint from HIS Paint?

Compared to other field marker paints, the product from HIS Paint is safer and more durable. It might be difficult with other field marker paints to draw straight lines on the ground. But our paint can be applied easily, and you will be able to draw straight lines on the ground with it.

The improved durability is another advantage of our waterborne paint over others. Unlike a solvent-based field marker in the market, a chemical reaction takes place while our waterborne specialty coating dries up. It will make our waterborne acrylic paint durable for a longer time.

Even with heavy foot traffic on the ground, you will be able to notice the white marks for a long time. Our field marking paint will also dry up quickly and can be applied under any climatic condition.

With some line marking paint products for athletic products, you might struggle with its application during cold weather. But with our specialty coating, you will be able to solve the issue by storing it under a controlled temperature. Try to keep it warm before applying it under cold climatic conditions.

Whether you want to apply the field market with a brush or roller is your choice. But apply it with a clean brush or roller for the best results.

Buy your can of white field marking paint now!


Category Marking paint
Type Specialty coatings
Color White
Durability Long
Weather-resistant Yes (fog and dew)
Hide High
Formula Waterborne acrylic
Finish Matte
Included Components 1
Application Sporting areas and athletic fields including baseball diamonds, soccer fields, running tracks, and football fields

1 review for Field Marking Paint White

  1. Amy Stokes

    I am a new ground maintenance manager, and during my first month of work, I wanted to do something good for the athletes and the field. That’s when the idea of using eco-friendly white field marking paint popped into my mind. I wanted to use something harmless yet cost-effective. After some research, I found the best field marking paint from the brand HIS Paint Store. From football to running tracks, you can use this marking paint in all fields.

    Apart from the reasonable white field marking paint price, I loved this product’s long durability and fog resistance. Really great product!

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