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Anti-Slip Urethane

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A high-performance Non-Skid Urethane coating that’s designed for markets such as OEM that require extra skid protection from the elements. This product is generally used as an industrial paint finish on a variety of metal substrates where performance and dry time are essential factors. This single component, fast drying, product CONTAINS NO LEAD, CHROME OR OTHER HEAVY METAL COMPOUNDS.

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  • Black
  • Yellow
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Shop Anti-Slip Urethane from the Best Online Store

Are you looking for the best product to guarantee skid protection? You can shop anti-slip urethane from HIS Paint and put an end to your worries. Our high-performance coating is specifically designed for markets that need added skid protection from certain elements.

You can use our skid protection product primarily as an industrial paint finish. Our anti-skid product can be used on different metal substrates with a strong need for high performance and fast drying time.

If you are worried about safety, our urethane anti-slip is the right choice. Our product contains no lead, chrome, or other heavy metal compounds. Belonging to our category of specialty coatings, the non-skid urethane from our store is available in black and yellow.

While focusing on style and aesthetics, people often end up choosing a slippery coating for their floors or any other surface. But with the anti-slip coating from HIS Paint, it becomes easy to make the surfaces more practical and long-lasting. If you are hesitant about anti-slip flooring treatments, we will tell you about the benefits:

  • Added protection: You will get extra protection on your floors, particularly in wet areas like toilets and oily areas like kitchens.
  • Easy application: Applying our anti-slip coating is as easy as it can get. You can apply the skid-resistance coating with a brush or roller according to your convenience.


  • High skid protection
  • Fast drying
  • Safe because of no use of heavy metal compounds like lead and chrome
  • Available in two shades for styling
  • Environment-friendly
  • Odor-free
  • Long-lasting finish

Why Is the Anti-Slip Urethane from HIS Paint the Best?

Our non-slip paint additive for color epoxy can be added to significantly improve the slip resistance properties of any standard paint coating. Any slippery coating can be converted into a non-solvent coating using our product. Moreover, it is compatible with both water-based and solvent-based coatings.

Our water-based urethane sealer can be applied on different surfaces outside as well as inside. It is commonly used on surfaces like patios, sidewalks, garage floors, ramps, stairs, and walkways. The specialty coating remains durable for a long time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about enhancing the skid protection of your surfaces frequently.

Our skid protection coating is truly value for money. You can apply it quite easily on any surface and under different climatic conditions. It is particularly beneficial for surfaces with high traffic where any coating needs to dry up quickly.

The safety of our non-slip paint additive is another huge advantage. If you are worried about your furry friends, the specialty coating from our store is completely safe for them. It is also safe for barefoot and ensures that you don’t have to take any additional precautions to walk on surfaces prepped with the additive.

Our anti-slip coating can also withstand various environmental elements like rain, snow, and heat. We have taken care of all safety slip standards while manufacturing the skid-resistance coating.

Shop urethane anti-slip from HIS Paint now!

Category Specialty coating
Finish Industrial paint
Color Yellow, black
Drying Time Fast
Odor No

1 review for Anti-Slip Urethane

  1. Victor Fleming

    I surfed the internet to shop for anti-slip urethane, and that’s when I got recommended to HIS Paint Store. This amazing online store has a great range of products, including their urethane anti-slip coating for industrial paint finish. I used it for fast drying of my patio and to ensure extra skid protection for the slippery surfaces around my place. I also used this water-based urethane sealer in my commercial place. Their delivery was on-time, the after-sales services were excellent and responsive, and the price was really affordable. The fact that it contains no lead makes it a safe choice. I would recommend it to all.

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