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Stain-Blocker Primer/Sealer

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A fast-drying, high-build, pigmented alkyd primer/sealer developed to replace pigmented shellac sealers. Effectively seals off bleeding water stains, kitchen grease, crayon, ink, pencil, smoke, etc. on interior wood, gypsum board, plaster, walls and ceilings. This product makes an excellent high build under coater for use on interior wood trim surfaces and cabinets by drying quickly and sanding easily to a smooth finish.

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The stain-blocking primer for ceilings from HIS Paints is a fast-drying, pigmented, high-build alkyd primer/ sealer. This is specifically formulated to replace the pigmented shellac sealers entirely. The Ceiling Paint helps in sealing off bleeding water stains quite effectively. It also seals crayons, pencils, ink marks on the walls, and smoke and kitchen grease.

This paint is undoubtedly Perfect for interior ceilings, gypsum board, Walls, wood, doors, plaster, etc. It is, in fact, a remarkable high-build undercoat that can be used on interior wood trim surfaces and also on cabinets. This pain doesn’t only dry quickly but can also be sanded quite easily. Thus, it is bound to deliver a smooth finish along with a soft texture.

The Stain Blocking Primer offers complete prevention to all stain-producing agents. Amongst the oil-based and latex products, the former is more effective for preventing or blocking water stains. The stain-blocking primer or sealer of HIS Paints is heavily tinted only to keep mildew from bleeding through the paint.

This stain block primer does wonders to hide the stains on your interior and exterior walls. Besides, it also prevents the migration of stains through the paint film. If powdery surfaces are on your wall, it efficiently seals like limewash and distemper.

HIS Paints’ Stain Block Primer Paint Price is affordable and highly effective. It provides aid in concealing and blocking out tough stains on ceilings and plaster walls caused due to numerous contaminants. When the primer is applied appropriately in a suitable place, the durability of the surface will automatically increase.

Please note that even though this primer is highly effective, there are certain exceptions. The product will not certainly block oily, tannin, or tarry stains from coal fires or asphalt. Besides, it is also not suitable for pet dwellings or cast iron.


  • Fast-drying, high-alkyd
  • Pigmented primer
  • Protects from bleeding water stains, pencil, crayon, ink, smoke, kitchen grease, and more
  • Ideal for walls, ceilings, gypsum board, plaster, ceilings
  • Can be used on interior wood trim surfaces and cabinets


Color White
Finish Type Smooth
Size Pack of 1
Paint Type Primer
Specific Uses  Interior
Ideal Surface Concrete, wood, gypsum board
Package Material Tin
Coverage 300 to 400 sq ft
Blocks Odor Yes
Stain-resistant Yes
Weather-resistant Yes
Waterproof Yes


Before you can apply the Stain-Blocker Primer/Sealer from HIS Paints, you need to ensure that the surface is well prepared. Firstly, you need to clean the surfaces where you are going to apply the primer. Make sure they are well-dried and free of poorly adhering or defective materials like dirt, efflorescence, wax, or grease.

Look out for uneven surfaces. And wherever necessary, make sure they are rubbed, scraped, and smoothened with a highly suitable abrasive paper. Once the procedure is over, make sure that the smoothened surface is dusted off.

Once you have done all these procedures, your walls are ready for applying the stain block primer. Before applying the primer, thoroughly stir the mixture and apply a single coat to all the stained surfaces. Make sure you provide a direct application and not a diluted one.

After application, please leave it to dry for at least 8 hours. If there are difficult stains on your walls, it is best to apply a double coating. This will actually help in hiding all the stains on your walls, thereby making them look freshly painted.

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  1. kedar more

    The stain-blocking primer for ceilings from HIS Paints is a high-build, super fast-drying, pigmented alkyd primer/sealer. It is exquisitely formulated to replace pigmented shellac sealers on the walls. This Stain Blocking Primer offers in-bound sealing for kitchen grease, bleeding water stains, ink, crayon, smoke, pencil scratches, etc.
    It is Perfect for interior ceilings, wood, plaster, doors, gypsum board, and walls. This product is undoubtedly a remarkable high-build undercoat for use on cabinets and surfaces. The Ceiling Paint dries quickly only to provide a smooth and soft finish.
    As the Stain Block Primer Paint Price is pocket-friendly, you can get this today for protecting your interiors.

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