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Kemiko Stonetone Stain

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  • KEMIKO Stone Tone Concrete Acid Stain is a reactive, acid-based stain for use on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • It is zero VOC and UV resistant, and will not chip, fade, or peel
  • The stain is designed to chemically bond with concrete, creating permanent, unique colors that resemble natural stone and marble
  • The stain is concentrated and can be diluted with water to create different levels of color intensity
  • There are 5 different colors to choose from

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  • Black
  • Cola
  • Golden Wheat
  • Malay Tan
  • Walnut
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A Brief Yet Precise Overview of Kemiko Concrete Floor Stains and Sealers


Create a magnificent floor that simulates glazed stone or marble from a standard concrete slab with Kemiko Concrete Floor Stains and Sealers. Kemiko makes concrete look like costly flooring by scoring and staining it. This technique costs a fraction of what really pricey flooring would. Stone Tone Stain conforms to any style, whether neoclassical, western, bohemian, or traditional.

The Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain is a 0-VOC, acid-base titration solution that offers an attractive, easy-to-maintain floor finish. This particular item’s specific hydrating ingredients chemically interact with the concrete’s particles to produce colored oxides by joining metallic ions. Thus it’s safe to say that the ideal material for both indoor and outdoor applications is Kemiko Stone Tone.

About Kemiko Stone Concrete Stain 

Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Acid Stain is a responsive stain with a single ingredient that turns a plain concrete slab into a distinctive floor that is less expensive than glazed stone but just as beautiful. It comes in ten colors and won’t fade, chip or peel.


Concrete that has been thoroughly sanitized and prepped can be stained using this single-component reactive stone tone acid stain from the brand Kemiko.

Benefits of Kemiko Stone Concrete Stain 

  • Elegant & Radiant 
  • LEED Compliant
  • Versatile & Permanent
  • Cost Effective 
  • No Maintenance 
  • Low VOC—Low Odor

Applications of Kemiko Stone Concrete Stain 

Plaster/cement and concrete materials that have been adequately washed and have enough cement/lime to cause a color change could be treated with Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain. Numerous indoor and outdoor applications that call for a high-quality, cost-effective color-enhanced flooring aesthetic are typical uses, including driveways, patios, walks, entrances, dining areas, and rock work.

The Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain mimics the best concrete stain colors by reacting with minerals already present in the concrete. Each concrete slab absorbs the stain to varying degrees, resulting in amazing color variations with many hues and a rough surface that appears to have aged beautifully. Stone Tone Stain adjusts to improve any environment, whether you’re working with a neo-classical, Western, bohemian, or entirely conventional décor.

Due to their chemical composition, suspended particles are frequently discovered in black acid stains. We recommend that all acid stains must get strained before use.

This procedure will not impact the final color. Straining is a standard operating procedure that is advised by stain producers and programs for applicator training. It will assist in achieving your intended finish and will help your application apparatus in the running more efficiently.

Learn a Bit About Surface Preparation

No prior treatments are required if the concrete seems to be in great shape, hasn’t ever undergone core or surface procedures (such as the application of a catalyst), is hygienic and devoid of any harmful substances, and has set to a consistent light color devoid of all dampness and alkali spots.

Never etch surfaces with acid. Further washing, removing the sealer, or sanding would be necessary if the stain doesn’t quite cling, the surface remains dirty, is coated, or is too highly worn to have responsive ingredients accessible for the staining procedure.


1 review for Kemiko Stonetone Stain

  1. Jocelyn Gill

    I always wanted my home interior to have the look and appeal of natural marble and stones. Of course, installing the actual ones would’ve put a hole in my pocket. That’s when I learned about Kemiko concrete floor stains and sealers. I found this product on the HIS Paint Store site, and it’s really amazing.

    The Kemiko stone tone concrete acid stain is one of the best concrete stain colors as it helped me produce permanent, unique, and next-level colors to simulate the aesthetic of natural marble and stone. The color intensity is so surreal that my guests think I installed actual stones and marbles. Great product. Worth the price.

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